Moving Your Website From One Host To Another

When you first started your blog you never really thought about html, coding, widgets or WordPress blog design … you just wanted to tell your story.

You’re a business owner – not a tech geek, right?

Now you’re knee deep in WordPress themes and plugins, you don’t really understand what the best options are or how to make your site really stand out – how to make it look like the vision you have in your mind.


That’s where I come in.

My job is to take the idea you have and transform it into a fabulous WordPress blog design. Even if you don’t have a super clear idea, I’ll help you find one.

I’ll handle everything for you transfer domain name for those of you who have already purchased a domain through.

Configure your hosting – install and configure your plugins – content transfer from or blogger.

It’s all included in the service… Hit me up to ask about that.

You just worry about showing off your new blog design.

The thought of moving a blog is stressful. Will all my content transfer, will my readers be able to find me, what happens to my subscribers?

What if something doesn’t work, how will I be able to fix it?

I understand the anxieties of moving your site because I do it everyday and appreciate how much time and work goes into creating your site.

I’ve encountered and know how to work around the variety of issues that can pop up when completing a transfer, so you don’t have too.

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