Where SEO and Content Marketing Meet

There are many studies that have shown that businesses that publish more content and more blog posts will generate a greater amount of business than those who do not.

If you are just starting out, chances are that any type of content has the ability to improve your ability to find and attract potential customers.

The fact is, content creation is one of the largest obstacles that businesses face when trying to create gains with strategies of content marketing. This makes it obvious why information and advice about producing quality blog posts, articles, white papers and infographics has become so popular.

This brings you to the question of: “What is more appropriate for your business situation, a SEO agency or a content market agency?” This is not a difference of which is better, but instead simply deciding which the better option for your situation is.

There are many SEO services that have recently added content marketing to the list of the services that are provided. This is due to SEO companies adapting to the changing industry, which is to provide improved marketing performance in their current services.

Understanding SEO

SEO is a method that is accountable to the measurements of metrics, which include organic search engine traffic, visibility and any other action that is considered measurable that may lead to conversions on your site.

Where there is more content that can serve as a lure to customers, then SEO has an ability to show their impact on the investment you have made.

SEO is a method that anticipates the demand by understanding keyword popularity. Content marketing, on the other hand, is completely demand driven. Content is produced and based on the journey of your customers.

Optimization is the effort that is used to improve the search visibility of any existing content, as well as digital assets on the site.

Understanding Content Marketing

This is a method that emphasizes the creation of thoughtful content to impact a particular audience and is written in order to guide a particular outcome or action. Rather than the popularity of keywords driving the creation of the content, there are efforts made to fully understand the journey of the customer buying process. Once this is discovered then a plan is created to provide the proper type of information to aid the buying process.

When your marketing strategy needs demand creation, then this is when you will utilize a content marketing strategy for your content. This is a holistic approach to writing content that offers the opportunity for your customers to actually interact with what is written.

The Meeting Point of SEO and Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO are partners. In order to be visible SEO provides these benefits. However, it must be paired with content marketing since SEO is focused on the fact that the buyer is confident and firm on what they are looking for, which is not always the case.

While many people are trying to make the switch to content marketing, it could impact the long-term goals of your website in a negative manner.

That is why it is important to have a healthy balance of SEO and content marketing in order to allow your audience to find you and then provide them with a superior customer journey.

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