Smart SEO spiders are always hungry

I do harp on about SEO and some of you will ask what has smart search engine optimization got you do with boiled eggs and smart SEO spiders?

“Oh no” not more about SEO I hear you squeal Well just a little bit about getting traffic with search engines as we try to please all the spiders so they end us boat loads of free traffic.

So how do we get the search engines to send us free traffic then? Well luckily for you, it’s going to happen naturally IF you do all steps that we already covered in the posts about SEO. Let’s just recap on what the search engines will look at to determine whether or not they will send you free traffic or not.

Your domain name. If you have a domain name like it’s pretty safe to assume that your website is going to be about ‘boiled eggs’ and all the wonderful things that you can do with them. However having the keyword your target keyword’ boiled eggs’ in the title of your posts/article and dotted in your article or posts itself also makes the search engines aware your informing us all about boiled eggs.

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Now you’ll find a lot of difference in opinion about keyword density, I recommend that if it’s a blog post that you are writing you will be good to go with placing your keyword within your article once for every 150 words. So a 300 word article will have your keyword in the title and in the article itself twice.

And don’t forget to make sure that you ensure that your keywords also become your hyper-linked anchor text, ie boiled eggs is the link, that’s what google calls a smart seo blog and exactly what google will look for within your posts!

Another good tip is to make sure your images are linked as well, also the title of your images, as well as the alternative text has your keyword placed in there too. Adding your main keyword in the case of this post ‘getting traffic with search engines’ in bold also tells incy wincy spider that that’s an important word in the article.

And NO I have absolutely no idea what that boiled eggs website is about… do you?

I know that it can sometimes be a bit of a mind boggle trying to figure out how on earth you are supposed to make it online with so much information out there.

Especially if you tend to open far too many emails promising totally unrealistic results.

But rest assured you’ll find great real search engine optimization tips and advice on my website.

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